Call Overstock CEO. He has asked you to do so

Have you guys been in contact with Overstock?

Have you listened to

Byrne basically is asking for the functionality that you guys with counterparty are building. He is literally asking to collect call him if some bitcoin 2.0 technology will allow him to list his company on the blockchain.

He has also asked for derivates for bitcoin so he can hold more btc vs USD.

I think counterparty should give him a call.

Heard the speech, had the exact same thought. He’s asking for Counterparty but doesn’t know it exists! Catch him before the NXT dudes get to him  :wink:

Here is the thread NXT was mentioned

From that thread

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Contact me about this.
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In that thread it was mentioned that NXT was the first decentralized exchange. Is that true?

One could easily make the case against POS methods due to centralization… nothing at stake etc problems…

Some other problems I found with POS approaches

Lots of FUD out there… as a newbie I am trying to make sense of all these.[/size]