BurstCoin Releases Smart Contracts

Considering a lot of people here were excited about Counterparty releasing Smart Contracts, I wanted to make sure you were aware that Burstcoin has now become the first coin to actually get customer ready Smart Contracts working.

Also note that in addition Burstcoin is Proof of Capacity, meaning it is energy efficient and ASIC proof… basically it’s got everything Proof of Stake has going for it… without the security risks and complications.

So come on over and write a smart contract that people can actually use!  Keep in mind that Counterparty and Ethereum are both hoping to get the out the door by March… we have them working now.

Please note that we have barely marketed Automated Transactions(aka Smart Contracts) yet.  Wanted to make sure you could get in while Burst is still cheap :slight_smile:  Our goal is to get as many developers as we can on board before we start aggressively marketing ourselves… and we’re getting close to the point we’re ready to market ourselves :slight_smile:

Link to Burstcoin’s bitcointalk forum thread:

And the announcement of Automated Transactions launching:

That’s nice dear.

Thank you :slight_smile:

And while we’re hopeful to get lots of people using them before Counterparty launches, that’d be awesome to be able to do cross chain transactions with Bitcoin… so good luck, hope you are able to find a way around the inability to send Bitcoins through the network! Which is one major advantage if you can get it working.

Atomic cross-chain trading is possible with smart contracts. There is no way to manipulate Bitcoins directly because it simply cannot be aware of any top layer protocols above it. But that really doesn’t mean that they can’t be used or traded in a decentralized manner.

Consider numeric assets and dividends. Both can function using BTC. Or consider BTCPay and trading. Those also function with BTC. Smart contracts will be aware of BTC balances, block hashes, and other information of the Bitcoin network. But the Bitcoin network cannot be aware of the smart contracts.

This still leaves a lot of room for trading and use of BTC, it just has to be adjusted to work using a layered protocol.