Smart Contracts Live

Are we able to create Etherium Script smart contracts on Counterparty yet? I see a lot of questions on this topic, but nothing concrete.

You already can on testnet. As far as when smartcontracts hit mainnet… I believe the holdup is not counterparty, but rather waiting on the ethereum codebase to stabilize a bit.

That is also my appraisal of the situation. Thanks.

well it’s probably going to take a while I can’t even get Geth to work on my OS X machine, and the cpp version doesn’t compile right. I downloaded some of the compiled packages and they for some reason cannot connect to the Ethereum network.

I’m sure some of it is user error on my part, or perhaps something conflicting with the Eth s/w I installed earlier this year to test… but anyway I wouldn’t expect anything soon on this front from any group; just go use the regular Ethereum network if you want to do smart contracts, and when and if, the EVM gets ported to XCP/BTC or something like Rootstock actually materializes then you can consider that option.

Unfortunately in crypto you need to take claims (our s/w will do X soon) with a grain of salt…