Block chain mystery

i;m no stranger to the inter net but some times i can get in over my head rather quickly

i got my grand kids some neat froggies but then things went up creek quickly (and without a padddle)

now i need block chain experts to help solvee this real life block chain mystery

it all started because my grand kids told me i needed more xcp in order to get them more froggies

what they said was true so yesterday i success fully increased my xcp by 267 from this dispenser 57602d63d08e6fdb5fb7e46c409822218a39fcb235221452c222bbf6242b076e to my free wallet 1Bb2MbYL4vwTFpBS4B7b6ujKSRqMnmxQbR in the tx 4abf653efcc499028040c70d14bc3476f6908ad1a1bca9b71ee3d1bdab37bce6

the xcp dispenser worked so darn smoothly jeepers i thought to myself i might as well get just a bit more xcp right now

so that way i could secure just a few extra froggies for my grand kids

and have you heard the froggies recently have been getting more popular

because they are so darn cute well thats what my grand kids say but anyways

i went back to the very same dispenser and ordered 0.019295 btc of xcp in tx 93e09ff1d6ebb044456fe1d7b28929abf5c6e6184281786fcd5dcd0dd8cb8256 and submitted my order in free wallet just like last time

but this time the block chain was quite slow taking several hours to finally con form my order

during that time while i was waiting i sent 0.01066157 more btc to my free wallet in tx 47e66fcefea05ae752c4826a45c8a86b4b8b9a02578aef4d3169c619f6dea4eb in prep for another order

i want to empasize i am by know means a wellthy man but am however blesed that my frugality curiosity and notariety have enabled me to acquire limited edition froggies on an as needed basis (for my grand kids)

aside from that i;m just a normal gyuy who puts his shirt on one arm at a time just like everyone else

several hours later the block chain finally con formed my order from the dispenser but the xcp was never received to my free wallet

when i checked the block chain records in tx 57602d63d08e6fdb5fb7e46c409822218a39fcb235221452c222bbf6242b076e i saw the dispenser was bought out by someone else while i was waiting for my dispenser order to con form on the block chain

also the 0.01066157 xtra btc i sent to my free wallet while i was waiting never arrived so that btc is also missing and i can’t seem to trace it on the block chain

as you can see i;m in well over my head and let it be knowwn i do take full responsability for this situation i created for myself

but hopfully you;ll agree i botched this mission with the best of intents of inspiring my grand kids with a bit of fun intrigue and adventure in a whole new unxplored cyber world which is waiting for us

so this is a calll to action to all block chain experts who might be able to help out an old man

you sure would have my apppreciaton for offering your help in this important rescue mission

or even just to say hellow in the cyber space below in show of your support toward my humble effort of recovering my lost froggy funds

your gesture will be rewarded with a unique block chain toke in like no other to commemmorate our re search investigation

because no matter our succcesss or failure in this recovery misssion we must apppreciate this current moe mint in block chain

sorry i get sent a mental because i know i won;t always be here but block chain will be

i admit my block chain knowledge is limmited but please know i;m no stranger to the in formation supper high way

you see many years back a photo of me madde its rounds thanks to my grand kids

which demonsstrated my brave and curious nature to much or even all of the inter net during that formadible time in our cyber history

so i embraced the photo and nick name given to me and now use it to inspire others i meet along the way in my excting cyber journey

and i couldn;t help but notice the spirit of your trading group intrigues resonates transforms me back to my wonderus child hood full of adventures during a simpler time

so i humbly submit my block chain mystery to all block chain experts and fellow froggy fans

as to recoup my loss and maybe even redeem my self in the eyes of my grand kids

who are quickly losing faith in me as the block chain custodian of their froggies

thanks to all for any help positivity or humor you might be able to share in the cyber space below and don;t forget to leave your cyber coins address to receive your commemmmmorative toke in


you guys are gonnna think i;m so smart for the iddea i just came up with

but i take no credit it was my grand kids who actuallly came up with the idea

after i told theem we have to pump the brakes on the froggies until grandpa can sort out his lost froggy fundds

so they got into sollutions mode and came up with the idea i contact the dispenser owner about the lost 0.019295 btc using my verry own tokin

which i thought was an ingennious idea and have now done with their help

tokin sent to dispenser owner: 1KJvbPN7QmEm4ztjaY848QHdKra2FDcpSv

gee i sure hope he receives my tokin message but i think it will be ok

also i contacted changellly about the missing 0.01066157 btc which never arrived so lets see what they say as well

my grand kids never ceese to amaze me wenever i;m having a senior momment

they said they want to create their own block chain one day and i believe they could actuallly do it

sounds like you’re grandkids are very very BLESSED! Keep rockin my man!

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deer mistur digutulprophetz

uh meen digitalprofitz hehe sorrie

me n muh gran kids tink yore name is sooper groovie

an um trulie sorrie for muh late respoance tue yer awasum messedge

muh gran sun nottafied me rite uhway dat sum won groovie replied to yoars trulie

an uh figured it was dat dispensur ownur dat littel rascul

ryeten me too retern muh lost froggey funns

well noap uh faund out it shoare wasint him uhtall

an ah wuz missun muh froggey funds sow varrie much

sudenlie uh loast controal of muh self

uh started brakin evurieting in site

brakin muh bycicle

brakin muh skooter

an brakin muh van

sow tey woodent roll away frum me like muh preshus froggie funs

uh trulie wundured if ah wood evur due ahnuther froggie aggen

probellie not but uh figerd theres allso corns witch are allso grate

but ten won day uh did taik uh guud look at yore messadge

witch enspiored me too try block chane uhgen

sumting uh nevur tot uh wood due

an uh evin removved tuh brake frum undurneeth muh van

an uh got intto it wit muh gran kids

an we wwent too tuh frammeng stoar

ware they showwed me muh pressint

an it wuz tuh varrie best gift uh grandaddie cud evur get

an hear it is

ah calll it muh van go becos ah went in muh van to go an get it

an uh trulie trulie love it

an if it wasent fer you mistur digatel profet

ah woodent have haad tuh strenth too go n git it

so tats wy um finelley riteng you back

to say tank u varrie varrie much fer yer kind werds

n fer enspioring me n muh gran keds to be trulie grate jest like u

mistor digitul profetz cood yu pleese replie wit yer countapartie adddres

so ah can send u won of muh preshus van go tokens

yu hav trulie urned it foar yore deddacashun too muh brannd

allso uh jest happin too bee wunderin

wut is yer favarite kinda peetza

mine is pepparoney

tank you bubbeye