Counterwallet Launch Beta Test - get some testnet XCP

[size=6]For those of you in a cave, counterwallet is live. Therefore, the giveaway had ended.[/size]


Counterwallet will be launching in a few days, and the devs have assigned me to do the initial disbursement of testnet XCP (as well as BTC) for beta testing. Anyone is eligible, but registered members on this forum before this post date have priority.

I will be distributing 100 testnet XCP and 0.1 testnet BTC to anyone during the public testing period, until funds run out. (That will probably be for a while).

Instructions on how to claim your test XCP/BTC:
1. Go to the counterwallet link
2. Click “Create a new wallet”:

3. Write down the 12-word passphrase and keep it in a safe place! You will be unable to access your funds without this passphrase.

3. Type in the passphrase below, and log in.

4. You’ll see a page like the following. Make sure Balances and Assets is selected.

5. Copy any one of your testnet addresses. Make sure it starts with ‘m’ or ‘n’! If not, then you’re on mainnet for some reason; follow the correct link again.

6. Paste your testnet address here. Only one address per person, please.

Note devs: Please edit if any instructions ambiguous or unclear.

Here is some testnet BTC faucets that have worked for me:

i am in

finally it’s here


I will in soon…

I guess anybody can still burn test btc for test xcp as I just burned some few days ago

sounds good

Awesome. Would be happy to help testing this.

Looking forward to giving it a go.

Yes please. Count me in  :slight_smile:

Have been following this project from the beginning, very interested in testing!

m2 :wink:

Count me in! I suppose If I’ll be writing/editing a blog post or whatever about the wallet, I’ll need to try it out. :slight_smile:

We would welcome a chance to participate

ME too, even if i’ve just register right now, i want to test that beta test. thx u

where is link address?

[quote author=supersuber link=topic=184.msg1326#msg1326 date=1395124905]
where is link address?


Yep, i’m in as well.

Interested in beta participation
BTW, *lose access, not loose access

This is my address for the testnet counterwallet to send the test XCP\BTC.
[color=rgb(43, 54, 60)][font=open sans][size=13px]n3Ktvhy3n8pJSx3aek4KvNs9AgLV5L6s2A[/size][/font][/color][font=open sans][size=13px]
I’ve poked around in the chat and portfolio and it’s pretty damn sleek. Great job![/size][/font]