Splitting Coins from Bitcoin Forks

I made sure my Bitcoin was in my Counterparty wallet long before Aug. 1 and and I’d like to know how I receive my equal shares of BCH (Bitcoin Cash).

  1. Get the private key from the address at which you have BTC (see below)
  2. Import “forked BTC” funds using a client for the forked blockchain (such as Bitcoin Cash)
  3. If you have any Counterparty tokens at this address, they will be accessible on the forked chain (but there may be no Counterparty service on the other chain). If you prefer that there not be such coins, send them to another address before you begin the procedure, although the fact that there are Counterparty-related metadata at the address on the forked blockchain should not present a problem (you simply won’t see them in a regular wallet).

Counterparty has no specific procedures to split forked coins. The Counterparty Project itself has made official statements regarding which “version” of Bitcoin it will use, but as far as bitcoin-splitting methods are concerned, please note that BTC are governed by the Bitcoin protocol (or other forked protocol), so get the private key from Counterwallet and then follow guide appropriate for the fork you are interested in.

For example, there may be specific replay protection or other related advice for the “target” blockchain (such as Bitcoin Cash).

How to export private key for a Counterwallet address

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