Bitcoin & Counterparty Paper Wallet

I’ve modified Blockscan’s address generation tool to output a printer-friendly paper wallet.

Feel free to modify.

Use at own risk! No warranty!


Update 22 April 2015

  • I consider the project finished. It’s tested and works well in FF, Chrome, Opera and IE.
  • The code is forked from Blockscan’s key generation tool. All changes are cosmetic.
  • The html file can run offline. All code is included in this file, so you do not need to unzip the directory to run it.
  • I cannot guarantee that the code is bug free. I encourage other to review the code and potentially improve/fork it.
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nice job! It looks great and i will test it friday and let you know what i find :smiley:

actually it was really simple, i just tested it now. I think adding some good graphical backgrounds to it so it can fold into a piece of paper would be nice. This is a much nicer solution to simply printing a BTC paper wallet, as these can be easily retrieved without having to input the private key. Nice going

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Agree. I’ll leave that for a designer though.

Looks nice, but maybe the gradients could be a strain on the printer? Especially in B&W.