Counterparty Paper Wallet Design

I’m soliciting feedback on a forthcoming paper wallet design for Counterparty. Functionality will be identical to my Bitcoin paper wallet design of course: BIP38, provide your own random data (roll dice, etc.) plus ability to scan QR codes with your wallet and such.

You can print out this draft design here:

I call this a draft because until the more or less “official” Counterparty logo/branding is announced, I need to keep the logos / colors flexible. However at this point I’m very interested to hear what anyone thinks about how a Counterparty paper wallet should be different from a Bitcoin paper wallet. For example, maybe the reverse side instructions should be significantly different. Maybe the reverse side “register” shouldn’t just list amount/date, but also “asset” and “description”?

Or I wonder if it makes more sense to leave the look and feel of a Counterparty wallet essentially identical to a Bitcoin paper wallet, only adding a “XCP” logo or something to indicate that XCP are stored in this wallet as well?

Very very good. Cool!

Hey Canton! love your paper wallet software. I hope you will soon consider including RED/CYAN lens QRs and HEX codes into the secure paper wallet generator You can encode two wallets on the same paper.( Is this a security feature?) The only thing that is required is a pair of 3d specs (you can put that over your phone’s lens.)  If you need a walk thru on how I did it I would love to explain it. It can be done  in the GIMP on a USB live boot but how neat it it would be if it would auto generate inside the browser app. Blessed and Best