Bitcoin Core with addrindex v0.11 binary for Windows

There’s a binary build based on BTCDrak’s bitcoin-addinrdex source code because his patched version 0.11 has been completed, but there are no binaries at the moment and on Windows it’s a pain in the ass to create them)

You can get it below. Install and uninstall are the same as with Bitcoin Core 0.10 currently recommended for use with Counterparty (official Counterparty install guide for Bitcoin Core can be found here). This binary has been tested on Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 7 x64 bit.

Bitcoin Core 0.11.2 is out and a Counterparty-compatible patched version with addrindex support by BTCDrak is available for testing as well.

Currently Counterparty Federated Node still uses 0.10 and it is recommended to use whatever version is used by it, but 0.11.2 is available as well.