Bunch of tokens stuck in multisig address

Hey guys, I have a token in a multisig address and I was wondering if anyone would consider helping me figure out how to push this tx to the network. I get the “too many sigops” error. Would be great to access these coins before multisig becomes acceptable again! Thanks a million.


Where do you get “too many sigops”? From Bitcoin Core or from Counterparty Wallet?

OK, I get the same with Bitcoin Core 0.12.1:

$ bitcoin-cli sendrawtransaction 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
error code: -26
error message:
64: bad-txns-too-many-sigops

According to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/bitcoinj/hKdGyz2ekVE you can try some extreme measures, but based on www.reddit.com/r/counterparty_xcp/comments/50njbc/what_does_it_mean_when_i_get_badtxnstoomanysigops/ it seems it’s CP-related. Did you ask about this the other day on Slack? I think @jdogresorg said there’s still something that doesn’t work, even after the fix Ruben made in July.

I did some troubleshooting and documented it here:

Maybe you can try one of Joe’s wallets. They use the same pass phrase as Counterwallet. Or you can try to compose the transaction anew using Bitcoin Core addrindex 0.13.2 and counterparty-client (if you can use Linux and don’t mind to download >140 GB of data).

Tried with 0.13.2, it’s even worse:

error code: -26
error message:
16: mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Non-canonical DER signature)

Let us know if you discover why.