Bid/Ask spreads in

I have to remark after spending several days trying to buy up the SWARMPRE being offered for worse than 6000/btc. The order matching appears to be broken because my offers to trade @ 6500/BTC, 7000, 8000 were violated by trades that occurred at 8500 overnight.

I am confused about the order matching on the decentralized exchange. Is there a wiki, white paper, developer who can explain.

Also, why would a BTC sell trade expire unfilled after having an order matched? How come trades aren’t clearing on

I want to trade on this platform. I want to buy up the SWARMPRE to defend the value and see these guys get funded. So I’m trying to understand the platform as best I can and explain how it is confusing to a user.

Its true the matching is confusing and not transparent.

Its very important that we can see bida and ask so that one can see and understand the market.