Trying to use the Market to exchange but deal doesn't go through

Admittedly I am a new user to Counterwallet but can’t think of anything I am doing wrong.

I just tried to BUY some NVST with BTC and used the trade pair on the market screen.

I filled the order amount I wanted and left the Fees as Normal and clicked on BUY

I have enough BTC in my balance to pay for the trade and fees, I have some XCP active in my wallet in case that was a requirement.

My History shows the order as matched but the send is shown as Pending.

What’s stopping things processing?

08b8f My Address #1 Order Sell 0.03 BTC for 100 NVST
08b8f Order Match 1Cu5FqiKmW7LY3kbr8Xro1oyeZt6QDjMm8 sent 100 NVST
My Address #1 sent 0.03 BTC (pending BTCpay)