Asset made on other platforms

My question is also, Thank you for reading.
I, now, it is not possible to buy a bitcoin, because it can not test yourself, please tell me.

“CoinDaddy” is, Is it possible to register the asset made in such other platforms “Omni”?

Hi Masaru,

I think CoinDaddy only works with Counterparty and Dogeparty.

For Omni assets you’d have to go to their site and use their own software, it’s a different metacoin platform from Counterparty (although the both are on the Bitcoin blockchain). DogeParty is similar to Counterparty, but it works on the Dogecoin platform.

(Incidentally, you could use the same Bitcoin address to register Omni and Counterparty asset, but it’s not that useful to do that).

Thank you very much.
I will study Dogeparty