Where is the pool and wallet for our coin in counterparty?

When we used counterparty we were under the assumption that we could simply set up the coin or digital currency and then build upon that and it would have a wallet, pool, and exchange built into it. Does it?

We need to know if we get listed on a centralized exchange; how do others purchase our coin?

It’s a bit confusing when you think about the average person setting up coin. You think you’re getting everything you need to setup a digital currency from counterparty. Is that not the case?

Coindaddy, which kind of looks like a spinoff of cp; is offering vending machines, etc to promote the coin. Again, I thought I had everything I needed when I setup my coin (currency) on Counterparty. Please clear things up for me at your very earliest convenience.

Thanks for clearing things up and thanks again for all your help we really appreciate it. -Don**

Everything’s built into the protocol, but you need a Counterparty-aware Bitcoin wallet to use it.

Currently there are 3 alternatives; Counterwallet, Indie Square (Android and iPhone) and Tokenly Pockets Chrome plugin.

The decentralized exchange is available from Counterwallet. It’s built into the protocol and available for all assets. Traditional exchanges such as Poloniex may also implement your asset. It’s trivial for them to add your asset because once they support one CP asset there are no technical issues with adding more (as opposed to adding another altcoin).

CoinDaddy, Tokenly and ShapeShift offer 3rd party services such as vending machines.

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What did you mean by it’s trivial for them to implement your asset? Seems to me any viable asset or coin would peak the interest of Poloniex; also please confirm these are coins correct? What’s the difference between a coin and an asset? Aren’t they the same? What is an Altcoin? Very new to this space, need your input please. Wouldn’t Poloniex want a viable asset? Does belonging to cp make that harder or something? Coindaddy is offering a vending machine; is that the counterparty-aware Bitcoin wallet you are speaking of? I have someone who is requesting my wallet, exchange, and pool for my asset CLUV which is on counterparty. Can I point them to something or would I have to start a counterparty-aware Bitcoin wallet first? You mentioned there may be a wallet in counterwallet or no?


You can sell your asset in a few different ways.

1.) Distributed Exchange (DEX) - you can list your asset for sale on the DEX at a given price and anyone who wants to purchase it at that price can pay. Unfortunately the DEX is not yet widely used, so this might not be the best option

2.) Manually - You can manually send an asset to any bitcoin address via counterwallet. You simply login to counterwallet.coindaddy.io… open the wallet that has some CLUV, click the down arrow, and click “Send”… you then enter the bitcoin address of the receiver and click send.

3.) Automated - You can setup an asset vending machine to automatically collect payment and send the token to your user. There are a few different asset vending machines available including one offered by coindaddy.io and one offered by tokenly.com

It sounds like your core issue is you want something to point your users at to buy your CLUV token… in that case, setting up an asset vending machine is probably the simplest solution. You will be able to set how much you sell your token for, and will have a website for your vending machine which you can point any user at to purchase CLUV. You get the funds, your users get CLUV, and you don’t need to do anything beyond setting up the vending machine once.

You can view other vending machines at https://coinvend.io