Announcing the Start of the Counterparty Foundation Voting Period

The Counterparty Foundation is announcing the start of the two-week long voting period for the election of three community directors. Since voting is starting three days later than announced, we will extend the voting period till block 352718 (in about 2 weeks).

There has been a change in the voting procedure. Few months back we’ve disabled sending dividend payments based on XCP balances to avoid spam (see: However, since Counterparty is a decentralized system, this means we have disabled this feature for ourselves as well. Therefore, we won’t be able to implement the announced voting procedure based on dividend payment. Instead, voting will be based on broadcasting votes. Details are outlined below.

Start and End of Voting

Start Block: 350710
Start Date: April 5th, 2015

End Block: 352718
End Date: approx. April 18th, 2015


Devon Weller - Bio
Robert Ross - Bio
Chris DeRose - Bio
JP Janssen - Bio

Voting Procedure

Users who want to give their votes to one or more candidates may do so by broadcasting a message with the following parameters:

  1. text = XCPELECTION + Candidate Number
  2. value = votes

For more information on how to publish a broadcast read our Broadcast Tutorial.

NOTE: There is currently a one-broadcast-per-block limitation when using Counterwallet. If you want to publish multiple votes, please wait while the block containing your first broadcast is published on the blockchain and then create the second broadcast.


Please use our Q&A thread for any questions or issues related to voting:


  • One user can make several broadcasts
  • The sum total of the values must be less than the balance of the
    source address at the close of the voting period

Valid Example

  • User has 50 XCP in his address at the end of the voting.

  • User broadcasts: text=XCPELECTION 1, value=20

  • User broadcasts: text=XCPELECTION 2, value=30

  • Both votes are valid and will be taken into account

Invalid Example

  • User has 50 XCP in his address at the end of the voting.

  • User broadcasts, text=XCPELECTION 1, value=50

  • User broadcasts, text=XCPELECTION 2, value=30

  • The second vote is invalid as the user already spent 50 XCP in his
    first message

Candidate numbers used as the broadcast parameter:
1 - Devon Weller
2 - Robert Ross
3 - Chris DeRose
4 - JP Janssen

At block 352718 we will count all votes and announce the names of the top three candidates.

The public scoreboard displaying current rankings is available on Blockscan at

Good luck to all the candidates and once again thank you for your support!


The Blockscan voting scoreboard is now live at

You can now hear the full debate from all Counterparty community Director Candidates on the Dogedcoindark Radio network

Less than 1K blocks left till the end of the voting period. 25+K votes so far

The Counterparty Foundation Election is now closed!

Congratulations to Chris DeRose ( @brighton36), Devon Weller ( @deweller) and Robert Ross ( @FoldingCoin) for becoming the first elected community directors of the Counterparty Foundation!