[Q&A] Counterparty Foundation Voting Q&A

Please use this thread to discuss the voting process, report any issues, ask questions, etc.

Is there any tool to make broadcast from private key? Will be useful for the those who have XCP on cold storage.

I asked Loon at Github the same question. He has made some excellent Counterparty tools.

A workaround is to import private key / XCP to Counterwallet and make the broadcast from there, because it is the XCP balance at the end of the voting period that matters.

Can someone please clarify if the value (number of XCP) you broadcast in the voting message can be a number that is not an integer? So far all I see on blockscan are whole numbers in the value field for number of XCP voted for a candidate. For example, would this be a valid vote:

User has 50.69 XCP in her address at the end of the voting.

User broadcasts: text=XCPELECTION 1, value=20.69

Thanks and happy voting everyone!

@heunland yes. you can use decimal values in your broadcasts. There’s one example published already http://www.blockscan.com/feedinfo?q=11627795

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@JPJA not that I know of. But I’ll check :sunglasses:

No tools except the CLI or API, as far as I know.

The import key approach would work, but it’s complex and potentially risky if you forget the private key in wallet.dat, so I would almost prefer to use curl with the API.
It’d be good if an example of the entire procedure using curl and the API was provided here for reference. I haven’t tried to vote yet and don’t have a cold wallet, but maybe I’ll try to document this tomorrow.

I’m hesitating with one address that is not in counterparty.io wallet because it looks like the sweep is about to move what it can see BTC+XCP to a new address but that is blind to other assets like MSC/MAID that draw on the BTC for transactions. I suppose I could go round and send the BTC back but it’s not ideal.

Is there a method to import an address without sweep creating a new address? I’ve not got to using counterpartyd but wonder that might allow this. I wonder in future it would be useful to have a simple adopt option for private keys, including that address then, rather than needing to sweep.

Also, noting that the snapshot of votes is the value at end of period, perhaps this isn’t worthwhile… but I wondered if there is a running tally of votes visible beyond watching the blockchain.

You could confirm this on a testnet or other address, but IIRC the CW sweep wizard offers a chance of what assets you want to sweep. It can leave BTC in place and pay for the sending from another address in your wallet, but it’s been a while since I used it. That way your alien assets should remain at the swept address. In the worst case you could sweep back (i.e. sweep the CW address from your client side).

Thanks! Yes, there is an option there to remove BTC before sweep. :smile:

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The Blockscan voting scoreboard is now live at https://blockscan.com/vote/XCPELECTION.

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Is the amount of votes allowed per address based on a snapshot of the XCP balance taken at a specific block (e.g. block 350710)?

In other words, if someone buys XCP from an exchange today (after the voting has started) and transfers that to a personal address, would that XCP entitle them to votes?

Ahh. I answered my own question by reading the rules (again).

The sum total of the values must be less than the balance of the source address at the close of the voting period

So, yes, it is based on a snapshot of XCP held. But it is a snapshot held at the END of the voting period (block 352718) and not the beginning.

It is based on the amount of XCP in the address at the end block (352718), that’s all that matters as the end result is based on counting all values and checking the balance (sum of all values must be less or equal to the amount of XCP). The voting scoreboard https://blockscan.com/vote/XCPELECTION should also adjust accordingly (take the new votes into account once the balance increases).

hah, you answered before I clicked Reply :smiley:

Loon3 has just recently added the requested feature to his XCP wallet for Chrome v0.2.0 - Added Broadcast sending
available on github https://github.com/loon3/XCP-Wallet-for-Chrome
and in the Chrome Web Store https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/XCP%20Wallet?hl=es

Rick should hopefully have the audio from last Fridays debate available soon. I will update as i learn more

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Awesome! Can’t wait to hear the show :monkey_face:

Here is the link, i posted them on both forums already https://www.mixcloud.com/dogedradio/counter-party-canditate/

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Great radio show. Gave me a very clear understanding of each candidates beliefs, contributions, and the direction they think the foundation should take towards wider adoption.

Highly suggest everyone listen to this show :slight_smile:

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The Counterparty Foundation Election is now closed!

Congratulations to Chris DeRose ( @brighton36), Devon Weller ( @deweller) and Robert Ross ( @FoldingCoin) for becoming the first elected community directors of the Counterparty Foundation!