[ANN] Website XCPCARDS.com

XCPCARDS.com display cards that are actively traded on the DEX.

Hover over a card to see its info. Click link to XCPDEX or CounterpartyChain for more info.

It’s updated every 20 minutes.

Example screenshot below

To have your card listed, please announce it here on the forums. You can do it in this thread or make a separate thread.

Only cards we consider to be valuable will get listed. We look at the overall quality but here are some recommendation for a good card design:

  • A good descriptive short name
  • Low issuance; somewhere in the range 100-300 is generally a good idea
  • Indivisible
  • Locked
  • Image type gif, jpg or png
  • Image size no more than 300 kB
  • Animated gif is encouraged
  • 2.5:.3.5 aspect ratio, e.g. 250x350px or better 300x420px
  • File name is same as asset name (card name)
  • If a large collection of cards, make all cards available in a zip folder
  • Give the card real utility, e.g. in-game token or store coupon etc
  • If subasset, at most 20 chars total (asset+subasset) and only uppercase and digit

Example card: SATOSHICARD

Hover over it to view basic info.

The price is a whopping $4795 !!!
Click ‘MARKET INFO’ to confirm its price:

The last trade was at 12345 BITCRYSTALS. At the time one crystal is worth $0.39, so the price is indeed almost $4800.

If you look again at the card info you’ll notice it’s divisible. And in the trade log you’ll see that fractions of a card has been traded each time. This is likely not a good thing, so please be aware of this when trading divisible cards. Thankfully, most card are indivisible, meaning only whole cards can be traded.

The number ‘1000x’ means that 1000 SATOSHICARDs have been printed and no further issuance is possible. This card has been locked at 1000 cards, but this is not the case for all cards. If the issuer hasn’t locked his card, you’ll see ‘UNLIMITED’ instead of a number.

If you click "TECHNICAL’ you’ll get all history, owner records, etc.

Finally, consider googling a card. These cards are made by various publishers, but most of them have further info on their respective websites.

To get started browsing for cards, I recommend

Nice work as usual JP :slight_smile:

Will you list my card?


Absolutely! :slight_smile:

It’s a funny card with a low, locked issuance.