ANN: Token.Games Launch

Hi all,

Please find details of the launch of Token.Games - Provable, decentralized, fantasy sports games on the bitcoin blockchain.

About Token.Games…

T.G offers many fun, varied, exciting & innovative fantasy sports games using digital tokens & the bitcoin blockchain to enable provable, decentralized rewards to our participants.

We have created fantasy sports games for 6 major sports including:-

  1. Football: Scottish & English Premier Leagues (split into 5 periods throughout the season).
  2. Tennis: The 4 major events of the year: Australian, French, Wimbledon & US Open.
  3. Golf: The 4 major events of the year: The Masters, US Open, The Open, & US PGA.
  4. Darts: 4 major events incl. The PDC World Championship, World Matchplay, Euro Championships & Grand Slam.
  5. Snooker: The 4 major events of the year – World Championship, UK Championship, The Masters & China Open.
  6. Rugby: The 6 Nations & Rugby League World Cup.
    We will be adding more sports, events & games soon.

Requirements to participate…

To participate, you will need to:-

  1. Be aged 18+.
  2. Have a basic understanding of bitcoin & blockchain technology.
  3. Have basic knowledge of our digital token platform
  4. Hold some bitcoin to pay miners fees & enable the transfer of Tokens via the bitcoin blockchain.
  5. Create a bitcoin & token compatible wallet.

How does it work?

T.G uses digital token technology, enabling participants to hold a percentage ownership of their favourite clubs & players, as well as being rewarded with our own native rewards token – TOKNS.

All club & player tokens used within T.G are prefixed with an ‘x’ i.e. xManUtd & can be located on the Counterparty blockchain viewer at

We refer to teams as xClubs & individual players as xPlayers.

How is the xClub & xPlayer Inflation handled?

Only 100 of these tokens will be issued for each xClub & xPlayer per year. Further increases of 100 more will only be made on each 1st January.

TOKNS Overview…

TOKNS are native to T.G and can be used to acquire more xClub & xPlayer tokens via our Marketplace. Plus, all rewards are also paid out in TOKNS.

The amount of TOKNS is locked at 100M, therefore no further issuances can be made. View TOKNS on the Blockchain here.

Additional TOKNS can be acquired via the Marketplace and we currently accept Bitcoin, XCP, BitCrystals, PepeCash & Scotcoin.

ALL TOKNS we receive for xClub & xPlayer purchases made via the Marketplace, WILL be re-distributed back to the community as special rewards prizes, in the future.

Distribution of TOKNS from us, will ONLY be made, either in the form of provable payouts to winners, or in a 1M bulk send to our Marketplace wallet address.

We will NOT actively sell TOKNS on any other exchanges (incl. the DEX), or other exchanges that add TOKNS.

It is our hope, that as the site grows, the actual value of TOKNS will also increase, rewarding all our participants!

Can I trade/sell my TOKNS, xClub & xPlayer tokens?

Yes! Trading is available on the Counterparty Decentralized Exchange (DEX), which you can access via & Indie Square.

You could list TOKNS for sale there, or should an xClub or xPlayer’s 100 allocation sell out, and demand be high, there may be good opportunities for you to acquire additional tokens, like XCP on the DEX, in return!

How are rewards calculated?

At the end of each period (for our football games), or tournament for other sports, each participant that holds xClub or xPlayer tokens for the top 5 winners, will be rewarded an amount of TOKNS.

For 1st Place, a maximum of 10,000 TOKNS are rewarded – 100 x 100 TOKNS. If you hold 10 tokens of the winning xClub/xPlayer, you would receive 1,000 TOKNS = 10 x 100.

For 2nd place a maximum of 5,000 TOKNS are rewarded – 100 x 50 TOKNS. If you hold 30 tokens of the 2nd placed xClub/xPlayer, you would receive 1,500 TOKNS = 30 x 50.

For 3rd place, a maximum of 3,000 TOKNS are rewarded – 100 x 30 TOKNS. If you hold 45 tokens of the 3rd placed xClub/xPlayer, you would receive 1,350 TOKNS = 45 x 30.

For 4th place, a maximum of 2,000 TOKNS are rewarded – 100 x 20 TOKNS. If you hold 25 tokens of the 4th placed xClub/xPlayer, you would receive 500 TOKNS = 25 x 20.

For 5th place, a maximum of 1,000 TOKNS are rewarded – 100 x 10 TOKNS. If you hold 100 tokens of the 5th placed xClub/xPlayer, you would receive 1,000 TOKNS = 100 x 10.

This rewards structure should encourage participants to hold a greater percentage of their favourite xClub/xPlayer tokens.

On 01/01/2018, the xClub/xPlayer issuances will increase to 200, therefore the payouts will double – ie 1st place would pay to 200 x 100 = Maximum 20,000 TOKNS, 2nd place would pay 200 x 50 = 10,000 TOKNS – etc.

Any rewards that are not claimed will be added to the BONUS POT, to be distributed at a later date.

There will also be further bonus rewards, announced soon.

For any further questions, please visit our Telegram chat room.