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Night Become Butterflies (NBB) is an item collecting game built on bitcoin and the blockchain. Using token-access technology and multiplatform storytelling, NBB shares a charming world that merges the world of cryptocurrency with an original sci-fi/fantasy setting and story.

In-development for the web and mobile devices, NBB is an item collecting game that lets players read stories and play games to develop their collections. NBB hosts its own game economy where assets, and items can be shared through the blockchain and are supported by the bitcoin network.

The goal of NBB is to become a fun way for those who already enjoy bitcoin to try out new games and stories set in a world incorporating blockchain technology to support the bitcoin economy, as well as introduce new players and gamers to bitcoin in an easily-accessible, fun way. My hope is that by incorporating bitcoin into new games, the game community will continue to embrace bitcoin and be inspired to create their own works and strengthen the bitcoin economy.


NBB is being built on the Tokenly CMS, the same CMS that currently runs the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network and uses Counterparty to create its digital assets and items. I have hired the developer of that CMS to create custom modules for NBB and they are currently in-progress. You can view updates at the development blog

Because of this technology, cryptocurrency will be used to trade and collect items and assets. Counterparty tokens will be assigned to each individual item or asset which allows you to freely exchange, trade, send, and receive items in and outside the game. As stories and games are released, so will new items and assets be released. Because of Token-Access technology being integrated with the CMS, the website will be able to hide or display content based on the tokens in the wallet users register with the site.

The first stage will see the web release on the Tokenly CMS for beta-testing from players who will read stories, play games, and interact with a multiplatform storytelling narrative to complete their collections. Games will be built using a variety of methods, including Twine which especially excels at innovative storytelling structures. Once enough resources are available, the next stage will be to fork the IndieSquare Wallet - on Github - to create a branded version that only recognizes tokens that have been incorporated into the game. Ideally, I’d love to be able to release the mobile app Summer/Autumn 2016.

The Game

NBB will be an active beta with storylines and finer details to be changeable up until its final release. However, all items created during beta will be honoured and included in the final version. Along with item lists, the nightcoin token-access forum also has a beta games thread where you can test some games I’ve made in Twine.

How to Support the Game

NBB items are available to purchase for Nightcoin, the in-game currency which is a Counterparty Token. They are available at $1 USD for 10 Nightcoin from the vending machine (which accepts BTC, Litecoin and Dogecoin) or the SwapBot (which accepts BTC, LTBCoin, or BITCRYSTALS) . Money has been paid out upfront from myself, the artist, for the development of custom modules. However, continued development will need community support for NBB to grow so these funds will go to the continued development of the game and to pay myself and designers I hire for their work.

About the Game Designer

I’ve been a crypto fan since about 2013. Earlier versions of this game were displayed at the 2014 CoinFest in Vancouver, BC. I’m a fan of alternate reality games and transmedia storytelling which is storytelling that spans many forms of media to express the narrative. I have been an event organizer and have hosted large scale immersive art installations and am excited for the possibilities that the Counterparty system gives to integrate live game events, installations, and blockchain technology.


Props to OceansDream for providing the starter graphics.




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