Spells of Genesis first commercial game using counterparty

Hello all!

Here at EverdreamSoft we are happy to announce the creation of not only the first commercial game that accept the bitcoin but where the core of the game is based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We were among the first to have a free to play game on iOS in 2009. 
Since then, the genre has changed in a way that was not intended. The games are currently only produced by big companies focusing on making a lot of cash, backers or early adopters are not rewarded. Now, we want to create a new game in strong cooperation with the community and the players. And instead of being the only party profiting from the success of the game, we want the community and players who contributed to profit from it as well. The game will not only produced be FOR the players, but WITH the players. The money flow doesn’t go only from player to company but also from player to player and from company to players.

We are introducing Spells of Genesis, the first onchain economy game ever made. Spells of Genesis is a unique combination of an arcade game and a trading card game which will be published on smartphones and tablets(IOS & Android). Bitcoin will not only be a payment system to make inapp purchases, it will also work as a core of the whole game economy, system and background story. 

Why this project?
We have long experience in managing game communities as we launched Moonga (http://www.moonga.com) several years ago. We got a lot of experience on content creation with the community and monetization. We created more than 600 illustrations. We saw some of our players trading rare cards in the game for more than 1000 USD. Even if it is not allowed by the term of service.  A whole economy has emerged in the game. Then we thought on how we could go beyond that and leverage digital goods ownership. This is how bitcoin naturally emerged. 

We will fund the game using a new phenomenon called "Crowdsale". The difference between Crowdsale and Crowdfunding(like kickstarter), is that if someone backs a Crowdsale project he will actually share financially in the success of the game instead of only getting goodies or a free copy of the game.
We tailored the crowdsale to be a revenue share system with backers.
We will put 100.000 “Mines” for sale during the Crowdsale. Everyone who is interested in the game can buy some of these mines to finance the development of the game. When the game launches, these mines will start producing “Gems”. Gems are the premium currency in the game, used for buying new packs of cards and enhancing the gaming experience. So everyone who owns a mine, will be generating gems. The more gems there are purchased by the players, the more gems the mines will produce.

 [b]The Game Economy[/b]
At the moment you own gems, you can choose to either use them in-game, or sell them to other players using Bitcoin and in this way get your investment back from the crowdsale. An internal marketplace will allow players to trade gems for bitcoin.
How the gem-creation, mines and marketplace exactly work, I will show to you by using an example:
A player buys 100 gems for 10 dollars in the in-game store (Apple or Google) from Everdreamsoft. At that point, he will get his 100 gems from US. The the mineholders all together will then also receive 100 gems from US. Then the mineholders can decide to use their gems in-game, or sell them on the marketplace to other players using Bitcoin.

The total amount of gems produced by the mines is equal to the total amount of gems sold to the players in the in-game store. So the more popular the game gets, the more gems the mineholders will be able to sell. The total amount of gems produced will be divided by the mines, so an owner of 1 mine will receive 1/100.000 of the total amount of gems produced. Mines are of course a cryptocurrency, a Counterparty asset

[b]Promoting Bitcoin[/b]
Bitcoin will be used as an ingame means of exchange. Gems and mines are blockchain based assets that can be traded inapp or outside of the app. People will get into bitcoin easily. For example they will buy a card pack via Apple. Put a card on sale on the market and then they will own bitcoin, being able to do whatever is possible to do with Bitcoin.
 [b]Other ways of contributing[/b]
As I mentioned before, it is important for us to have the community help us developing the game. That is why we will also reward efforts from our community with mines. If you can create nice art, review our game or just share about it and invite friends to play it, you can be rewarded with mines depending of the value of your input.

The Game
But of course, before you are even willing to take any efforts, you want to know what kind of game we are developing. So here we go!
As I mentioned in the beginning, Spells of Genesis will combine the collection and social aspects of Trading Card games with the addictiveness of Arcade games. 
In the game you embark on an epic fantasy adventure in the world of Moonga while constantly collecting and trading orbs(cards) to upgrade your deck. On your adventure, you will face hundreds of opponents. To defeat them, you have to battle them using the unique battle system featured in Spells of Genesis. The following screenshots are from the alpha version, the background is missing and visuals are not final, but will illustrate how you will have to battle your enemies.

First Teaser:

First Pre-Alpha Gameplay video:

In each level, there are some enemies you have to destroy. You do that by shooting your own orbs at them. Each orb has different strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. When your orb has zero speed left, it will grow until it reaches an obstacle. Placing your orbs strategically is crucial to achieve victory, because if you cross the red line, you will lose.
Beside from what the screenshots above show you, the game will take place in a fantasy world. You will travel through mountains, deserts, waters and will meet the most amazing creatures there. There will also be a Player versus Player and other social features.
As the game is very easy to learn instead of traditional trading card games, we try to reach a wide audience of casual gamers. But, the deckmaking and skill which is required in the later levels and online will make the game very interesting for hardcore and competitive players.
Spells of Genesis will be developed by Everdreamsoft, the creators of the successful trading card game Moonga (250.000+ downloads).

[b]The Grand Story of Moonga[/b]
For over 700 years, the different kingdoms in the world of Moonga lived under the dominance of the terrible empire of Sayosia. Then, in a small town, a boy named Kallan was born. His father, a blacksmith, had no place for him so he decided to bring him elsewhere. After nobody wanted the clumsy child, he decided to bring him to a small forest where the Wizard of the Four Valleys was known to live. Raised by the wizard, Kallan learned understanding the nature and the world around him. When he left the wizard, he went to a city called Cartaam, where he made a discovery that would change the world of Moonga forever.
He found a way to confine the essence of creatures and humans into small parchment pieces. These small cards – commonly known as Spells - enclosed the essence of what had been imprinted in them. It was a difficult meticulous task and it took Kallan several years to master the right formula.
With these powerful spells, the people of Moonga were able to defy their rulers, and a new age began…

Story chapter IV : the jewel valley
The new chapter that we are introducing with Spells of Genesis is an allegory of the cryptocurrency. Askian is a place on Moonga world surrounded by high mountains inhabited by human dwarfs and dragons. People living in Askian are rich as the mountain contains a lot of precious material. The precious material mined in the mountains. Those materials has magical proprieties, they can be transferred in the air easily. Different regions of the valley are fighting for the dominance of the valley. Some groups are popping up time-to-time creating and mining precious material with different propriety. They try to rally most of the miners to their cause. In fact the group who can impose their precious jewel will gain significant wealth. 

[b]how you can help[/b]
Before launching the crowdsale we first want to build up a followers base. When we have enough people interested in the game, we will announce the crowdsale.
If you are interested in this project, want to help us innovate the game economy and raise bitcoin awareness among gamers you can 
1. Subscribe to our website now to receive free mines http://www.spellsofgenesis.com
2. Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/spellsofgenesis
3. Follow us on Twitter or tweet about us(https://twitter.com/SpellsofGenesis)
4.   Tell your friends or other contacts about us

[b] Other project[/b]
Maybe you already heard about us. We are also working on a another project called ideopass. Ideopass has the ambition the make the bitcoin payment simple for mainstream users. It’s not the topic here but ideopass payment system is to be integrated in our games that will consolidate ideopass adoption and ultimately bitcoin adoption for mainstream users.

Greetings! And have a look at the artwork that will be present in the game below!



Wow! I was always hoping someone would do a game like this!


Mine value projection

What is the value of a mine and what is the projective value

To determine the value of mine we worked on a business plan. This plan is a projection on what could be the value of a mine. We do it the same way we would have done for an investor in the game. The main difference is instead of raising funds we are pre selling game assets. The decentralised nature of the assets allow them to be traded freely. This way people who participate to the crowdsale will have an idea of the future value of the items they will receive in game for participating.
We are also allowing people to vote on important game decision according to their mine holding.

The assumptions are based on our experience on the mobile game market as well of insight data we got from the industry.


100’000 mines will be produced in total

They will be given as gift, sold or shared to people helping the game production
The first mines will be sold with the higest discount. Then the price will increase until all mines are sold.

We will start the crowdsale as soon as the mines reach a 3.5 $ value per unit. Before the crowdsale we determine the value of a mine by the project popularity 

The popularity is counted this way

1 Twitter follower = 1 point
1 FB like = 1 point
1 email subscriber = 5 points

We will start the crowdsale as soon as the mines reach a 3.5 $ value per unit. Before the crowdsale we determine the value of a mine by the project popularity.
We are offering free mines for people who are getting interested early in the project. We will stop giving away mines when we reach 5000 popularity points and the mines will start to be sold. The earlier you subscribe for free mines the most you get for free. The first to register receives 2 mines and le last 0.1


We based our assumptions as the following

Disclaimer : These are pure assumptions and the success of the game will depend from a lot of factors. Such as our ability to deliver the product, our ability to give visibility. The success of the decentralised stakeholder model as an amazing vector to create traction and buzz around the game.
Risk management : We have 4 years of experience running a gaming community and producing game with Moonga. The game production is handled by EverdreamSoft, a serious startup who already won several prices for innovation and business plans. 

1. Pessimistic scenario

The pessimistic scenario states that for the first year of running the game

Monthly active users : 40’000
Average revenue per active user ARPU : 1.3 $  

Monthly generated revenue in stores (iOS android) : 52’000 $
Estimated value of gems generated by a mine Monthly : $0.52
Estimated value of a mine 6.50 $ (12x the monthly generated value)

In the pessimistic scenario we estimate to have created a game with an honorable success without reaching anything significant in the game market.

2. Realistic scenario

The realistic scenario states that for the first year of running the game

Monthly active users : 800'000
Average revenue per active user ARPU : 1.6 $  

Monthly generated revenue in stores (iOS android) : 1’280’000 $
Estimated value of gems generated by a mine Monthly : $14.22
Estimated value of a mine 170.67 $ (12x the monthly generated value)

In the realistic scenario we estimate to have created a game with a good success in the market 1 million monthly users is a good success for a free to play game. The average revenue per active user is correct better that the pessimistic scenario.

2. Optimistic scenario

The optimistic scenario states that for the first year of running the game

Monthly active users : 30’000'000
Average revenue per active user ARPU : 1.6 $  

Monthly generated revenue in stores (iOS android) : 1’280’000 $
Estimated value of gems generated by a mine Monthly : $375.00
Estimated value of a mine 170.67 $ (12x the monthly generated value)

In the optimistic scenario we state that spells of genesis is a game created and owned by the player community. This model bring the game into the top games. The game is comparible to Heartstone or the most grossing games such as Puzzle&Dragon

Either ways you will probably agree that now is the best time to get mines for free without taking any risk. You get a chance to be at the beginning of a very big thing !

Here is the projection table if you register for mines now : www.spellsofgenesis.com

Hi guys ! Updated news

Our new website is online now. You can register and get your free mines. You can login and see how much mines you own and it's actual value !

The mine value have now increased to reach 0.56

Don't forget to claim your mines now the amount distributed for free is decreasing. Now you get 1.79

Claim now : http://www.spellsofgenesis.com/users/register


Hi everyone,

This is a short presentation on how the token system will work to make Spells of Genesis an onchain economy game which allows revenue sharing for both players and backers. In light of the feedback we’ve received, we are currently working to simplify this model. We would appreciate it if you could let us know your thoughts on this!

Many thanks,

Hnin from the Spells of Genesis Team