[ANN] Preorder Hashing Power For SWMC-HEX And Receive a 10% Bonus!

This is an unofficial pre-announcement meant to inform the Counteryparty Community about a new asset class being made available to Counterparty users…

[color=green][size=13pt]The SolarWind Mining Company[/size][/color] ([color=green]SWMC[/color]) has been working on building a [color=green]Hashing EXchange[/color] ([color=green]HEX[/color]) for the past several months. [color=green]SWMC[/color] expects to have the official launch of the [color=green]SWMC-HEX[/color] sometime between mid September and late November. [color=green]SWMC[/color] will be offering preorders for Bitcoin mining hash power via Counterparty through an asset called [color=green]SWMCHEX[/color].

About the [color=#008000]SWMCHEX[/color] asset:

    One [color=green]SWMCHEX[/color] is equal to one GHS, and a total of 5 PH/s ([color=green]5,000,000 SWMCHEX[/color]) have been issued with [color=green]4,000,000 SWMCHEX[/color] being sold at ~85¢/GHS. Bitcoin earnings from mining will be paid via Counterparty’s built in dividend feature. [color=green]SWMC-HEX[/color] is making the first [color=green]1,000,000 SWMCHEX[/color] (1 PH/s) available now and there will be a 10% bonus to purchasers. So, if you purchase [color=green]100 SWMCHEX[/color] you’ll actually receive 110 GHS!! The additional [color=green]1,000,000 SWMCHEX [/color]will be used for bonuses, giveaways, bounties, to cover variances in the exchange rate of BTC or are to be sold before launch.

    Be one of the [color=green]first 500 purchasers[/color] of at least 100 GHS and you’ll be eligible to win 1 TH/s worth of [color=green]SWMCHEX!![/color]

Some of the major features of the [color=#008000]SWMC-HEX[/color]:

    [color=#008000]Tradable Mining Power[/color] which can be bought our sold at a price you determine

    [color=#008000]Instant ROI Calculation[/color] based on you buy price allows you to estimate how long it will take for your purchased hashing power to mine enough currency to reach your targeted [color=#008000]ROI[/color], at what price you must sell hashing power you own to obtain [color=#008000]ROI[/color] or what combination of both mining time and sell price will achieve [font=verdana][color=#008000]ROI[/color] f[/font]or you… By using the [color=#008000]Instant [font=verdana]ROI[/font] Calculation[/color] you will be empowered to make the right decision on your mining purchases and the tool so you never have to buy to high, sell to low or to soon to reach [font=verdana][color=#008000]ROI[/color][/font] ever again…

    Our hosted miningware will be utilizing [color=green]Immersion Cooling[/color] to increase efficiency and protect the miningware from heat damage and extending its usability

    [color=green]SWMC[/color]'s miningware will be [color=green]Fabricated by the SWMC[/color] using open source hardware PCBs specifically designed to work with [color=green]any[/color] cryptocurrency mining chip, making the [color=green]SWMC-HEX[/color] capable of scaling up mining power very quickly using the most [color=green]cost effective[/color] hashing power available at any given time

    [color=#008000]SWMC[/color] believes that large mining operations should help protect the [color=#008000]Decentralized Nature of Bitcoin’s Hashing Network[/color], so,… [color=#008000]The SolarWind Mining [/color][color=#008000]Company[/color] will make it possible for owners of hashing power on the [color=#008000]SWMC-HEX[/color] to point that hashing power to any mining pool that they wish, essentially the same way that they would control a physical miner in their own possession.

    A “[color=#008000]Create Your Own Mining Pool[/color]” feature which can be used for solo mining or for creating a mining pool that others can join for crowdfunding, group buys, investments, savings accounts, retirement funds, etc,…  etc,…  etc,…

    [color=#008000]Miningware[/color] hosted in a US location with [color=green]5.5¢ kw/h electricity[/color]