[ANN] now issuing BOOKBAG, shares in a crypto tip jar

  1. A total of 2,000 shares or units.
    a. 200 are reserved for the Author (Michael G Zigler Jr) these have already been tranferred to his personal address.
    b. 100 are reserved for future payment to illustrators, artists, of the series.
    C. 100 are reserved for other various purposes including future issue.  1 of these 100 are reserved for JP Janssen of JPJA.net because this was inspired by his idea.
    d. 1600 share be floated on the exchange in blocks to be determined later.

    2. The tip jar at :  1LrVmS58wdPXGnDY5JHQW2fZWkSyzefkNx is the receiving address for tips or donations for the series of books called "The Adventures of Wheat Field Across the Multiverse"
    The book called "Order of the Bookbag", is the first book in this series.

    3. Dividends may be paid in BTC, XBTC, XCP, or any combination thereof, depending at the discretion of the issuer.
    Dividends shall be paid at least once a year at December 31, of each year, if there are significate funds in the tip jar address the payout may be quarterly or monthly.

    4. The initial asking price is 1 XCP per share or unit of BOOKBAG.

    5. Disclaimer: There are a number of possible events that could make shares or units of BOOKBAG, worthless, and as such, one should only invest what they can afford to lose.
    a. Possible shutdown or blockade by a regulatory regime, or shutdown, (critical unforeseen failure) or the counterparty, and/or Bitcoin protocol.
    b. Untimely death or incapacitation or capture of the Author.
    c. This is an experiment and at best purchasing a unit of BOOKBAG by initial investors should be considered a donation of support for the Author, with no expectation that his books will ever reach a significant audience.
    d. Bitcoin and/or Counterparty each or both may be overtaken or replaced by a new technology or protocol.