[ANN] [Liberté Mining] - Premium Bitcoin Cloud Mining

[center]I'd like to first start off by introducing myself. I'm known on most forum sites as GQM but my real name is Ryan Scott which you will soon discover if you journey over to the new site. I want to be as transparent as possible to gain trust within the community. [/center]

[center]I originally listed an asset called nXtGenGHS on the NXT Asset Exchange when it had launched. After successful operations for over 3 months we have decided to offer a similar service using Counterparty but for direct Bitcoin Mining.[/center]

[center]We feel that Counterparty is the perfect platform to launch such a service and we look forward to building a stronger community.[/center]

[center]My team and I plan to use the technology we have at our disposal to remain as transparent and decentralized as possible.[/center]

[center]Liberté Mining[/center]

[center]We are offering the first ever premium mining asset valued at 1 THS[/center]

[center]Our goal is to offer a fair and transparent process for mining. We use P2Pool for our pool software which all Bitcoin revenue is recorded publicly on the Blockchain, allowing anyone to verify payouts. Also using Counterparty will allow for a transparent trading platform.[/center]

[center]Mining operations will commence September 2014[/center]

[center]Asset Symbol[/center]

[center]2.25 BTC = 1THS[/center]

[center]Hosting Cost[/center]
[center]*Canadian Dollars[/center]

[center]Hosting cost is used to cover hosting, electricity and maintenance/repair for the equipment. It will be deducted from the mining revenue before payouts are made.[/center]

[center]Our Mining Projects[/center]
[center]NXT Forum[/center]