[ANN] Koinify: The Future Of Crypto Funding


Hello Counterparty Community,[/size][/font]

My name is Tom from Koinify. We are developing the future of crypto funding, powered by the blockchain and smart contracts (and Counterparty!). We're focusing on funding decentralized applications, smart corporations, and crypto infrastructure projects. [/size][/font]
Based out of Palo Alto, California - we have a team working daily to get our platform developed, and launched to the public. We are expecting launch relatively soon.
[size=1.45em]We come to the forum to introduce ourselves, and get feedback from the community. Our platform is built for you guys, with all funds securely stored in a multi sig wallet, and all funds audited by a secured, trusted third party. [/size][/font]
Feel free to use this thread as an engagement tool, we're always looking for input and thoughts from the community. We will update regularly with the product development, project launches, and other important news.[/size][/font]
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We look forward to engaging and updating with everybody.[/size][/font]


[/size][/font][size=18pt]Launch of Koinify's blog![/size]

[size=13pt]2020: A Call For DApps & DAO's[/size][size=1.45em]



What separates Koinify from other crowd funding platforms and do you plan to become decentralized?


[size=13pt]2020: A Call For DApps & DAO's[/size]



I really liked what you guys did with GEMZ on the crowd sale. I felt like the site was simple and easy to use and sending GEMZ back to my Counterwallet was a breeze. I know vennd.io is somewhat different than Koinify as far as other features but they also do crowd funding and consulting. I also purchased Swarm and I see how they pushed their Swarm projects.

So if I was trying to choose between the three of you to hold my crowd sale for a created asset, what sets Koinify apart?

Also, if vennd were to help me with burning an altcoin to kickstart my asset and then I was holding a crowd sale to fund projects around the asset, would it be possible to still do the crowd sale with Koinify and vennd at the same time?