Token Sale Incubator acquires Coinweb (a Counterparty fork)

Coinweb has been sold to a Token Sale Incubator, i.e. all domains, social media accounts, Github, etc have been transferred to the buyer. I do no longer have any involvement with Coinweb.

Press release:

Opalesque Industry Update - Coinweb, a crypto platform created by JP Janssen, has been acquired by London based Token Sale Incubator Startup, founded by Toby Gilbert. Created in 2017, Coinweb is designed to make cryptocurrencies more user-friendly. Commenting on the platform, JP Janssen said: “Even before I began drafting the White Paper last summer the idea was to make ‘Crypto as Easy as Email’. A major key to mass adoption is replacing those confusing Bitcoin and Ethereum hash addresses with something much more similar to email. A new concept I named ‘piggyback’ makes this possible.”

Having identified the potential in taking Coinweb further, the acquisition will see new CEO Toby Gilbert assume the role of attracting token sale projects to the platform and build a critical mass of users.

JP Janssen added: “While I created the Coinweb concept and code, and served as CEO until the acquisition, I consider my job complete. I no longer take part in the Coinweb project. I feel confident that Toby has the skills, team, and network to accomplish the next stage for making Coinweb a further success.”

Toby Gilbert, commented: “The opportunity to take Coinweb to the next level is of huge excitement to us. We have great plans in the pipeline to make a success of JP’s legacy which will be supported by Knut Arne Vinger who remains in place as Co-Founder and CTO”.

Coinweb was originally based off of the Counterparty project where JP Janssen has been involved since 2014. There he developed the prize-winning CounterTools JavaScript wallet and served a term as Community Director. The current version of Coinweb differs significantly to Counterparty, with improvements to the economic incentives, support for multiple altcoin address formats, its own cName concept, and many more possible upgrades described in the whitepaper.