Kindcoins - Counterparty powered tokens for social good

Hey guys, I wanted to introduce our project, Kindcoin. Kindcoins are digital tokens powered by Counterparty which you obtain by verifiably supporting great causes.

We are also introducing a platform, called Kindshack, where you can use your Kindcoins to bid on awesome rewards. You can sign up to be notified when launches at

More info on the Kindcoin project is at

this is interesting. I will have to read more into this, but it doesnt appear that there is much information here yet. And also I dont put my email into a website that only asks for you email and nothing else.

Can you ellaborate more on your project here? Thanks!

Sure. Kindcoins aims to reward people for giving to causes. The way it works is you pledge on a crowdfunding platform (currently Indiegogo, more to come) and ‘sign’ the pledge with your Counterparty address. You’ll then receive Kindcoins to your CP wallet, according to a distribution schedule (at the moment it’s 64 coins for each $ pledged). You can spend the coins on rewards at

One of the benefits of this model is it makes it really easy for people to discover and use digital currency - all it takes is a paypal address and choosing a cause you believe in.

There is more info and instructions here: (no registration or email required :smile:)