2nd wallet address

I have 2 addresses in Counterwallet. I want to access my second address from Indiesquare, but I don’t see my second address there. How do I open my second address in Indisquare?
Is it possible to trade for XCP on the second account?
Is there any way to trade for XCP besides Indiesquare?

My Addresses:
I have the passphrase for this one, I never funded it, it opens fine in Counterwallet and Indisquare.

I don’t have the passphrase for this because I created it as a second account in Counterwallet. I funded it, and it appears in Counterwallet, but not in Indiesquare. Can I get the passphrase for it somehow? can I open it in Indisquare somehow?


Ray Metz

How do I open my second account in Indiesquare without a passphrase? I do have the private key from Counterwallet.

I think I figured it out. I can trade on Counterwallet directly from my PC. I don’t need to trade from Indisquare.