I cannot migrate to counterwolett.

I have XCP in my old IndieSquare wallet.But I can’t migrate from my old IndieSquare wallet to a counter wallet.
I typed 12 correct words, but they seem to be recognized as incorrect.
Please let me know if there is any way

indiesquare’s wallet used BIP32 I believe and not the counterwallet passphrase implementation… ie, you CAN NOT take the same 12-word passphrase from indiesquare and put it into counterwallet.

Your best bet is probably to dump the private key for your indiesquare wallet addresses, then import them into freewallet.io desktop wallet

I would suggest

1.) creating a new 12-word passphrase via freewallet.io desktop
2.) Dump private keys for your indiesquare wallet addresses
3.) Import the private keys from indiesquare into freewallet.io desktop wallet
4.) “Sweep” everything from your old indiesquare wallet address to one of your new freewallet.io desktop wallet address

after this, you should have a 12-word passphrase that you can use in freewallet.io and counterwallet.io to access your funds and assets, and all your funds / assets will live in the newly created wallet addresses.

Thank you for your support.
I want to do as your suggestion.
But your suggestion is a little difficult for me.

1.) creating a new 12-word passphrase via freewallet.io desktop

I made a free wallet today.
Does creating a new 12-word mean 12 words in a free wallet? Or should I do something in my free wallet?

2.) Dump private keys for your indiesquare wallet addresses
I want to know the detailed meaning of Dump.
Do I have anything to do with indiesquare wallet?

I would appreciate it if you could tell me in detail

As jdog and you said,
#1 yes, create the NEW 12 word phrase for a NEW counterparty wallet.

#2 is, you need to use your indiesquare 12 word phrase in some program or way to find out what are the wallet details (address 1, privkey 1, address 2, priv key 2) also, please dont get your assets stolen, use precaution and dont just put your seed phrase anywhere.

I had to do similar to you, but I had a btc address so what I did was used the offline version of BIP39 - Mnemonic Code (this used BIP39) and my seed phrase to generate your privkeys for each bitcoin address that is in a wallet. Anyway, if you dont understand how google and read.

after you dump the privkeys (it means to get the privkey for the addresses you have) You go to freewallet app, and select either import address, or sweep as Jdog said.

If you havnt done this stuff before it may seem confusing, but after reading you should be able to figure it out, and be able to use your assets again.