125 XCP bounty for a Counterwallet Russian translation

Hi !
The translation into Ukrainian is complete! See https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/counterwallet/language/uk/
Changes and corrections are made to Russian translation http://www.ex.ua/730559567568

Thanks @DrBeer, we will check the translation and get back to you shortly.

@DrBeer can you request to join the Russian team and apply your changes in Transifex, and also click ‘Reviewed’ next to the strings. Afterwards please send us your address to receive XCP reviewer bounty prize. 

ivana How to me join to Russian team  ?
My XCP wallet 13gMfKPZX2J4rn3whXCcZoT7YYb2WvDPe9

@DrBeer please go here https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/counterwallet/language/ru/ and click ‘Join Team’ button (next to View Members). Then when you click on the translation you should be able to click the ‘Translate now’ button and check the ‘Reviewed’ checkmark next to each line.

Hi ivana ! On page i do not see “Join Team” :( See the screenshot:

If I press TRANSLATE, I go to the page, where me  provided access ONLY to Ukrainian language

@DrBeer I’ve contacted the team owners, hopfully we’ll resolve this quickly. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more information

ivana Thank you very much ! :slight_smile:

@JPJA @dom @m9sko & @DrBeer seems you are the contributors to the Russian translation, but since Transifex shows only the last submission (made by @m9sko) there is no way for us to know who did what.

Please let us know here if you are eligible for the 125 XCP bounty. 100 XCP will be sent to the person with most translated strings and 25 XCP to the person who reviewed the strings (checked reviewed).

Sorry for the confsion, but we’d like to make this as fair as possible.

ivana - don’t worry! That’s all right! I did only adjustments therefore the main award has to get to the translator, I only carried out small adjustment :slight_smile:

The translation into Ukrainian was done by me, in full

@DrBeer thanks! and thanks for your hard work on the Ukranian translation. Unfortunately this bounty has been set up only for Russian translation… 

ivana - don’t worry - all right ! :slight_smile: Anyway is it is useful for community counterparty !

@ivana Hello. Yes, I translated. I already thought that threw venture with the translation.

@ivana - I have made ~ 80% of the translations. 

On the web interface -> translation.json -> Translate now, you can see the history of each string. You can browse through them by tapping Tab on your keyboard.

@JPJA thanks, I’ll review it shortly

@JPJA yes, after reviewing I see you’ve translated most of the strings. We just need someone to review the translation and confirm it is good.

Hi! I wasn’t added still as the reviewer of Russian how to solve a problem? I already sent letters of Robby and Ouziel.

@DrBeer you’ve been approved as a reviewer: https://www.transifex.com/organization/counterparty/team/26464/members/ru/

ivana thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Work with the translation into Russian is performed:
- translation errors are corrected
- the translation is improved (texts became more readable)
- an inspection of all translations is carried out

Soon similar operation over the translation into Ukrainian will be carried out