Counterwallet Translation Project: Chinese translation ready for testing, feedback, suggestions

Hi folks

A Simplified Chinese translation of Counterwallet is ready for review and feedback and we'd appreciate comments or suggestions for improvements (terminology, translation, etc.)

1. Beta Chinese translation on Mainnet - (this one uses real BTC, XCP and assets - only the translation is "beta")
2. Beta Chinese translation on Testnet - (this is on testnet and testnet BTC's can be obtained here or from other testnet faucets).

Please leave your feedback below. 

Some notes:
1. End User License Agreement is going to remain in English as per decision by the developers
2. Please try to submit feedback before end of this week 

Other languages will follow soon. Those interested to participate in translation to other languages can contribute at this address:

Currently (end of day, Oct 23) the latest Chinese translation hasn't been loaded so some strings are still in English. 
We're aware of this issue and will load the latest strings today or tomorrow.