XFCCOIN: Funds not sent due to failure

the tips is below:
Import token funds by “sweeping” them from an external address into an address in this wallet.
Step 1/2 : Sweeping 40000 XFCCOIN from 123LCW59AbgPKLJ9erFiow7Jdcpz8zHn1S to 1LrERf6SXinesY7xjB8oU2SRXcL1KMWaah
The sweep from address 123LCW59AbgPKLJ9erFiow7Jdcpz8zHn1S is complete.
Sweep results:

XFCCOIN: Funds not sent due to failure.
This action will take some time to complete, and will appear as a Pending Action until confirmed on the network. Until that time, the wallet will not reflect the change. Please be patient.

what should i do next?help me please.

Probably an update error in the wallet. It’s annoying, I know. Log out. Log in again and see now.

You can also follow the address on : https://xchain.io/address/123LCW59AbgPKLJ9erFiow7Jdcpz8zHn1S

See the Sends and Unconfirmed tabs

I have tried many times ,it is still error. when will you solve the error?

You may use the javascript sweep tool

It works! thank you very much!!!