Common problems, issues and workarounds (2014/10/31)

1. Oh noas, my funds didn’t arrive!

This is a common and recurring non-issue. 
Short answer: wait.
Long answer: track your transactions with the nice block explorers such as and before you start panicking.

2. Can I transfer my XCP from simply by sending the entire amount on the address to my Counterwallet address?
The right way to do it is to sweep that address from Counterwallet.  
The process is simple but this week screenshots were added to the existing KB here:
That, of course, is not why you should use the sweep feature. You should use sweep because it allows you to “pull” selected assets from external address while leaving other assets in place. It is also possible to use sweep to pull each asset to a different address in your wallet (if you created more than one address).

3. Problems with certain addresses (wallets)
It appears that some addresses are misbehaving in the sense that they couldn’t be used for transactions. 
This possibility is being investigated and in case it turns out to be real, the Counterparty Counterwallet servers will have to have their databases rebuilt. 
This does not have effect on account balances, the protocol itself or on other (such as personal) instances of Counterwallet that users and developers may be running on their own systems.