Where can I find a list of all Counterparty assets?

There are several places where this can be accomplished:

Go to https://counterwallet.io and look under Exchange.
Your own assets are displayed under My Balances (in each address).

Go to http://blockscan.com/asset.aspx and enter name of a Counterparty-issued asset. (Blockscan is a 3rd party site).


Some other sites display a smaller selection of Counterparty-listed assets/tokens, e.g. coinmarketcap.com and other.

Not every asset is what it seems. Watch out for fraudulent assets and do your own diligence. Anyone can create an asset/token in a decentralized manner.

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You can also take a look here for a list of developed assets rather then all 18K :smiley: https://xcpassets.org/all-assets/

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Here’s a list of all assets, their descriptions and URLs (if any) - http://xcp.pw/allassets.html


That is a really useful link, i have been going through it and contacting development teams that appear to be actually developing their tokens into something (there are some good and bad ones, but thats the nature of everything). Nice link :slight_smile:

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Yesterday I came to know about folding coin in an article. Good work.

I am new to Crypto world particularly technical & regulatory aspects for creating Counterparty tokens . Can you share your experiences good & bad


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