XCP Wallet for Chrome

XCP Wallet for Chrome is a Chrome browser extension wallet for Counterparty that stores your secret passphrase locally in the browser with the option of client-side password encryption.

Network data is collected from several APIs including Insight.io, Blockchain.info, and Counterpartychain.io. Transactions are assembled and signed locally then pushed to the network as a raw transaction through Blockchain.info’s pushtx API.

The wallet is open source and available on Github and the Chrome Web Store.



Got it installed (second, and best, XCP extension I have), thank you!


This is an awesome wallet! I too have been using this extension for a few days and it has made the xcp wallet so much easier to use. Kudos Joe! This XCP wallet rocks!

EDIT: I did a brief security audit on the ‘XCP Wallet for Chrome’ extension and didn’t notice anything suspicious… no calls to external URLS other than blockchain explorers and APIs…. pretty sure your ok running the plugin, etc.


Latest Release v0.1.4, now with asset icons!


This is seriously awesome work, thanks!!!


Broadcasts added in latest release v0.2.0

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Broadcasts does not support Chinese.

Very nice work. Well done.

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+100, awesome work!

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If you have a chance, submit the same broadcast text from both Counterwallet and XCP Wallet and post the tx ids here so I can compare. That will help in diagnosing the problem.

Question though about the two wallets, There is an LTB companion wallet and an XCP wallet, these both seem very similar to me. Why is there two and do you recommend one over the other? I have them both installed and they both work great :slight_smile:

The main difference is that the XCP Wallet defaults to XCP while the LTB Companion defaults to LTBCOIN and provides the current exchange rate.

Some other minor difference include:

  • Broadcasts are included in XCP Wallet and not LTB Companion
  • LTB Companion provides an introduction splash screen on initial startup that walks you through the process of setting up your wallet, the XCP Wallet does not

Eventually, the idea is that the LTB Companion will include more features that complement letstalkbitcoin.com (i.e. private messaging, TCA, etc.)

I find myself using both wallets as it’s a good way to help segregate your tokens.

Protip: If you want more wallets for additional wallet passphrases you might have, you can download either wallet source from github and copy the Chrome Extension folder on your local machine as many times as you need wallets. Then, simply select Load Unpacked Extension at chrome://extensions (must be in Developer Mode).

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Perfect, thanks for the clarity :slight_smile: One more question, i have this running on my test computer and i have not installed it on my work laptop because of the prompt it gives about accessing your clipboard. Obviously this is still new, but do you forsee any security leaks with installing this on a computer with sensitive information at this time, or should i continue running on my test machine?

I feel comfortable running both extensions on any of my machines. The copy/paste permission is essential, otherwise the wallet would require you to manual type addresses which is not practical. You can download from Github if you’re concerned about the packed extension in the Chrome Web Store.

For more discussion related to the security of Chrome Extensions, see this link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28543958/security-implications-of-storing-client-side-generated-passphrase-in-chrome-stor


Great job! This is a very clean wallet implementation.

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Great!!! very clean wallet implementation.