XCP.pw Instant Asset Search

I made an instant search for assets at xcp.pw.


  • Instant
  • Searches both asset names and descriptions
  • Outputs a table
  • Javascript (your searches are private; developer friendly - copy & modify code)
  • Asset list updated twice daily


Try SLOTS in the search box, then attempt to register SLOTS.

SLOTS is registered and present at 1LMPuuw781iW3NJz2GYAjqg1m14s5zQ4Yy 682 days ago.
However, when I search via the provided XCP search at http://xcp.pw/assetsearch.html, it appears unregistered.

Nice work though, it is an ingenious and simple way to search terms in the same manner the brain works. It is both an efficient manner to eliminate ideas and generate new ones. That is, for us token cultivators (squatters).

You are correct.

Around 100 assets are still missing from the search. The reason is that they are gathered probabilistically. Within the span of a month there’s a 99.8% chance that a given asset will be added to the list (but new assets are added within 12 hours).

The reason it is so slow is that I don’t want to make more API calls than absolutely necessary to Counterpartychain’s excellent public API.

TL;DR The list is still being updated. A few assets are still missing. Expect SLOTS soon to be added.