Wired - Feds Begin Crackdown on Bitcoin Stocks

Mentions Counterparty but apart from the central securities problems and quotes Byrne as “SEC has legitimate interest in regulating IPOs”.


“Bitcoin-like stock exchange” is not the best way to put it and I also don’t like that they say Counterparty imitation of Mastercoin, but whatever. 

“Bitcoin fundraising bubble” is also funny. $30-40 mil.
The ongoing junk bond bubble is $2 trillion and what’s being done about that?

Mental note to research junk bonds. I didn’t catch the $30-40 million bubble implication. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

If you go to coinmarketcap.com, select top 31 (or whatever) assets and scroll at the bottom - the total sum is about $20-$30 million.

The government probably spends more on yearly salaries of those who are involved in this particular form of “protection” than the entire amount of all money at risk. :wink: