Why Make Anti Spam Algorithms so Complicated?

I’m no expert on this, but it seems Bitcoin developers favor complex anti-spam fees.

Why can’t the algorithm be made very simple? Like if a node is reaching critically large mempool, just drop/reject transactions with lowest fee/kB ?

Again, I’m no expert, just want to know why a simple solution won’t work.

Note: My fundamental view is that Bitcoin shall be open to anyone for any purpose and a rational miner will prioritize those willing to pay the most. Maybe the devs view it differently, and that’s why they complicate matters?

Oh, here I read that voices among the devs actually do ask for simplification.

This change updates Bitcoin Core to relay purely based on fee/kb rate, removing the concepts of priority and free transactions from the codebase.

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The Counterparty devs enabled some Bitcoin Core settings that make the current situation a bit more bearable, but until these patches are implemented in Bitcoin Core services will suffer.