When will make it on the chain? [Contest]

I have a pending dividend transaction as mentioned here. It’ll soon be a month since I made the transaction.

I thought that it would be on the chain within 2 weeks. I was wrong. I’m not too bothered about it since there isn’t any rush for the transaction to go through. In the mean time we might as well have some fun with it!

Anybody want to give their estimate on when it makes it on the chain? I’ll send 1 whole FANTOKEN to whoever comes closest.

Post the date and block height you think it’ll get included, plus the address you want the token sent to.
(If the winner gets the date correct I’ll send 5 tokens. If it’s also within a few blocks I’ll send 10 tokens)


  • The date determines the winner.
  • If several users guess the same date, the one with the closest block height wins.
  • 1 guess per user, no edits allowed.

I know you said you’re not bothered by the length of time it’s taking to get included in a block but there is an easy solution to get your TX confirmed. It sent change back to yourself it looks like – at address 1C2iVCgAZFqqVVnGzuea8N8SuWmg6EmGHb – so you can create, sign and broadcast a child-pays-for parent transaction to move it through.

Create a transaction using the unconfirmed input from that transaction – cea31daeb597ac29f0ec2954ad592a3860f1fa9f415ac6d55a59cb5d4caa4a7b:1 – and spend it back to yourself (or elsewhere, it doesn’t matter what outputs there are) using a fee high enough to pay for both transactions.

Do this with a fee of 5-8k sats and I predict a confirmation in 25 blocks.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Very good to know.

I probably won’t be doing it for now, otherwise there’s no contest and people wouldn’t have this amazing once in a life time opportunity to win a FANTOKEN (I’m greatly over exaggerating). Plus it’s kind of important for the project to use minimal fees as long as the option is there. All expenses take away from an eventual profit the token holders receive, the more I spend the less they’ll receive. Which likely isn’t going to be much anyway since we’re dealing with streams, so every satoshi counts. Also it’ll be interesting to see how long this actually takes.

Nevertheless, if nobody else answers by the time this goes into a block the token is yours.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth and my transaction to confirm.

Woohoo, it’s on chain! Only took 2 months and 29 days.

@ebx Since you were the only one to leave a comment, the prize is yours. Where shall I send it to?

Heh, glad it finally got confirmed :smiley: , with the low fees as of late I was wondering when this one would finally make it through.

I’ll happily receive some FANTOKEN at 1QEx9kdYQqmNzC8HW8FPQS3Mb7vVXYa7bK – thanks!

You’re welcome! It’s on its way, hopefully within a fraction of the time this time round.

Actually, let’s keep this contest going! Anybody want to guess when this transaction confirms and ebx will get his FANTOKEN?

This takes 2 days currently as the bitcoin mem pool got lower.

@foldinger so close. Looks like it went through within 24 hours. As the only participant, what’s your address?

So for 0.00001 btc/kb = 1 sat/byte transaction takes 24 hours that is cheap and fast enough for me now :slight_smile:

Not bad at all. Let me know your address if you want a FANTOKEN. You might get it within 24 hours.