What is the bock time of counterparty?

It was not easily found in the FAQ on the Counterparty.io website.  What is the blocktime, as in time it takes to settle a transaction, for bitcoin it is 10minutes (2 confirms)?  What is it for counterparty, XCP?

Counterparty transactions are Bitcoin transactions so just the same, 10 minutes on average. Of course confidence in transactions goes up with every confirmation so you should wait 6 confirmations or more for high value transactions.

@UED I know, it’s really annoying… 

Monthsh ago I created enhancement proposal for this to be displayed at the top of the wallet screen, but I’ve never heard anyone to ask for this except me. 
Let me know if you’d like to co-found this on Bounty source. I want to pay for date, time, block time and current XCP/BTC and XCP/USUD exchange rate to be added.