Using IndieSquare to deposit trig

Can someone please tell me how I can Withdraw my Trig to the Indiesquare wallet which supports Counterparty. I desperately need to withdraw my trig but don’t know how. The trig website recommends using indiesquare.

(if difficult or there is another easier way please advise)

Would appreciate it.

Thank you

You can use any of the counterparty wallets listed at

I had the same problem. go to and chose a wallet . I did chose freewallet. there I opened an account. means I got a private key and you will get also the official public adress where to send your triggers. any wallet accepts triggers on now the public adress you put in when taking out your triggers. and thats it. your triggers will appear on your freewallet or any other wallet you have chosen.

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how add trig token to counterparty wallet?

1.) Download a wallet from
2.) Get your address from the wallet
3.) Withdraw from Binance to your counterparty address

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in counterparty wallets is only btc address. send trig tokens to it?

Counterparty addresses are Bitcoin addresses. The most important thing here is that when you use an address from a Counterparty wallet, you are in control of the private keys for the bitcoin address. If you use a counterparty wallet, then you are in 100% control of the address as you are the only one with access to your 12-word passphrase and/or private key for the address.