Unicode asset description

I just issued an asset for fun and note that the description didn’t action.

Is the description field limited to ASCII?.. I used Unicode characters beyond that, expecting that they would be available. There’s nothing obviously noted in the docs.[Known Issues] beyond talk of parts of the GUI being limited atm.

Quite a few asset descriptions have non-ASCII characters. I’ve issued some with Counterwallet and I can confirm that both Scandinavian and Russian characters work. On http://xcp.pw/allassets.html you can also find some descriptions with Chinese and Tamil characters. The only issue is that the max length gets significantly shorter. Counterwallet does not warn about this, and the description instead gets cut short.

Hmm, CW says B-Z, so while it may work (in the sense of creation, say from the CLI or API), it is not guaranteed to work for other purposes, either now or in the future. Have you tried to use various API or CLI functions with such assets?

Not the name, that’s fine; it’s the description field I’m looking at… I simply tried Chinese characters and info now suggests “Token created with description ‘Undefined’ and total issuance of…”.

So there is an issue there… I just used [change token description] option, which results in the same blank detail in the description but the related block time detail suggests “Description changed to ‘%s’”, which is an error as it should be “幸运的8”

Also the notification is misleading, as it suggests “Token A10000000000088888888 was issued with an initial quantity of 0 units” rather than describing the attempt to change the description that had been accurate in the pending detail displayed.

I can’t see my asset in that list, so unclear how frequently that updates.

You are right of course and I can see for example [6952 CHAO - 赵 - Chinese Family Name - FOR SA]

but why then do I get what looks like a common UTF-8 handling error output that is %s … I just tried again being extra careful that the characters used were UTF-8 but still “Description changed to ‘%s’”.

I haven’t got API or CLI to try those but expect they might work for being different. I’d rather avoid the hassle of setting that up and keep with the web interface that is so much the big attraction of CounterParty… very well designed it is too. Obviously, 6952 found a way to do this but unclear to me when that was attempted or which route.

Okay, I get it now.
I’m on the road at the moment but I’ll give this a try this weekend and submit a bug report if necessary.

I can’t see my asset in that list, so unclear how frequently that updates.

It updates once every 24 hours.

I used Counterwallet.io to create a testet asset with Chinese characters in Description, I didn’t get any errors, but I don’t yet know how it’s going to come out once it’s validated.

In CW I see it as Undefined, so I submitted a bug report here: https://github.com/CounterpartyXCP/counterwallet/issues/740.
Temp workaround: use API or a non-CW Web interface (such as CoinDaddy’s Web site) to register assets with UTF-8 chars in Description.

I tested it again today.

It works fine IF you add spaces at the end of the description.

Seemingly there’s a bug that cuts the asset description by one or two characters for each non-English character.

  • Your write “øtest”, the asset description becomes “øtes”
  • “øøtest” => “øøte”
  • “átest”" => "“átes”
  • For Chinese, two characters are cut; “中test” => “中te”

Add a bunch of spaces and you’ll be fine.

  • "øtest " => “øtest”
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