My counterwallet "reset"?! help!

I haven’t logged into in a while. when I did it just now, I only have a blank address with no transactions:

my real address is still on the blockchain here:

I’ve logged on twice now and the blank address is still there. any advice? thanks!

see this post My address in Counterwallet disappeared! (How to add new regular address)

ah thx! so simple.

and yet I’ve just had the same problem and the old address didn’t appear having now created x5 new addresses.

If that is true, then should there not be an option to scan those for accounts that already have transactions and make those visible?.. or better that the wallet displays any address that does have activity by default unless user hides them in a way that’s still available later.

Mine is and while I haven’t used that account for a while, it’s not good that the login behaves as if I’m creating a new wallet. That could easily confuse a noob user or someone who hasn’t made a note of their private key. In my case, I have the private key and understand this well enough not to be worried… I could import to a new address but I’d rather not do that.

How do I encourage the wallet to rescan?.. Do I keep making new addresses until it stumbles over the one it should be displaying? Is this bug being worked on?? Is there a way to remove==hide an address from the wallet display, if it has no activity?? Surely a wallet should display all addresses linked to that, which have had activity?.. Users do not care for the complexity of making that happen, they will care about a system and wallet that appears inconsistent.

@something off topic but I wonder if the Unicode issue with that same address/asset was fixed … see Unicode asset description

Edit: afterthought… or if scanning of all addresses in the wallet is impractical, perhaps just an option to prompt that one address is considered and represented?

There is:

Do you mean the prompt to accept T&C’s? It’s a legal requirement (from the “just in case perspective”) I believe.

It’s supposed to show addresses in the order of creation, which should be deterministic (i.e. you get the same order by running the script linked above. But there’s a bug somewhere in some script (not necessarily Counterwallet code - there are 3rd party open source components that are involved).

There’s no way to “remove” an address from a wallet, I think, but I don’t know if that’s the absolute answer, or relative (maybe if you go to a different wallet server, if you didn’t make any transactions from those new addresses, you’d see the list of addresses up to the address you actually used).
I haven’t tried this in practice, but it could be tested for free on testnet… Say create 5 addresses, use 1, 2 and 4, then switch to testnet wallet on and see whether 5 is displayed (also whether 3 is displayed).

Re UTF8: I flagged that post for myself. I’ll try to take a look at it soon.

I don’t understand why you’re suggesting a tool outside of Counterwallet. Surely that wallet should see the addresses that existed previously, especially ones that have transactions on them.

I’ve just swept the old address into a new one… in the same wallet with the private key I had noted but that is about my holding the private key rather than knowing I can rely on Counterwallet; so, for noob users they might not know they need to do that, lose access to that address, despite having access to the same wallet? Perhaps at least for now, there should be a warning encouraging that users do take note of their private keys??.. Perhaps a tool to dump all private keys, not just one would be useful too.

My wallet now showing the addresses I’d created earlier… I’m expecting those are not stored by cookie, or perhaps they are and a browser refresh will loose those blank addresses… which would be useful since they weren’t wanted.

You don’t need to save private keys of your CW addresses when you can use the tool to derive private keys for all theoretically possible addresses for any given pass phrase.

Of course you are free to do that, but you increase the risk of private key loss (by having it written down vs. remembering the pass phrase).

I suggested using an external tool because if the “unlisted” address doesn’t appear, you need to get access to it somehow. You say you “solved” the problem by sweeping the address but you could solve it that way only because you already had the solution (exported the private key).
If the address isn’t appearing in your wallet and you don’t have a backup of the private key, how can you sweep it unless you use a tool such as Counterwallet Helper to find the private key?

by having Counterwallet making all active addresses visible… maybe I’m misunderstanding and the wallet has no simple way to resolve which addresses are active within a wallet but it seems odd that is not apparent to users, who will expect that the address will return when they reenter the same wallet. Having tools to fix a problem, isn’t the same as not having the problem.

I know, but the most I can do is to report this bug - if I could understand CW code well enough to fix it, I’d do it myself.

This bug of “disappearing” addresses doesn’t affect all users, and it’s been hard to reliably reproduce, which is one of reasons why it’s still open.

My experience was an address that was zero XCP… indeed that whole wallet only held small BTC and a self created asset. Perhaps the zero XCP balance is a contributor, if that is the only check being done?

I did 2-3 simple tests and it looks like CW stops showing addresses after it hits the first address with a zero balance.