Troubleshooter for Counterwallet login problems

Solutions of Counterwallet Login Problems are here : Solutions to Counterwallet Login Problems

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Login problems seem to be the most frequent support request here. Maybe we should make an official troubleshooter, a video or at least a new forum thread where the first post offers all the solutions.

My impression is that most cases are solved by clicking ‘generate new address’.

What’s the second most frequent issue?

What’s the solution if the passphrase is very old (there was a bug discovered in May 2014 or so, and passphrases before that are not compatible).

Other problems may be caused by

  1. logged into testnet
  2. typo, yet still a valid passphrase, so logged into empty wallet
  3. typo, and cannot log in at all, since passphrase is not valid

For #2 and #3 I always refer to CounterTools. It needs to be downloaded and unzipped. It’s a bit cumbersome, especially since these scripts could have run directly in a webpage (the scripts will run in the user’s broweser so private key / passphrase is NOT revealed). But I am hesitant to make such a solution since people should not get into the habit of revealing private keys on websites.On the other hand, maybe it’s okay if the foundation / Counterwallet / CoinDaddy can host these? The underlying code is simple; can be forked and integrated to the design.

I have generated several new address,but can not find my XCP. I also remerber my address which my XCP in it. Also can watch it,but don’t appear in my wallect.