Ticker: MARQUIMUSEUM now in float on Counterparty platform pegged to XCP 1:1

What is a Marquise token?
It is the worlds first immutable proof of ownership digital asset to prevent counterfeit replication of Limited Edition products issued by the Marquise Museum. Owning a token represents a locked-in inflation proof store of value at $80 present (2018) dollar equivalent and can be used to redeem the Limited Edition Museum artbook forever which is only issued at the minimum $80 price equivalent. Token value appreciation is determined by limited supply and first mover advantage in this space which represents significant cultural-symbolical immaterial value similar to how artistic pioneers of 20th century movements are prized astronomically high generations later. The Marquise Museums artistic contributions in the crypto space is synonymous with master quality and technically avant garde artistic contributions many years ahead of its time. Owning the MARQUIMUSEUM token is a signature and Elite attestation of early investors aestethic and cultural senses and socio cultural comprehension of participaton in the razor’s edge of technological innovation which is irreplicably sealed and time honored by Immutable Counterparty platform issuance at the epicenter in historical moments prior to mass adoption of digital assets by general society.



Token information:

Audio novel:

Counterwallet registration:

How to redeem the book using original owner attestation:
Send pm or email to Contact@MarquiseMuseum.com with link of token transfer from Museum address 1365jxJZekwyu5EmB5M6z21UJjH9utAdbh to your wallet address, include shipping information to receive a limited edition copy of the book within 3 business weeks. The redeem contract between issuer and investor excludes third party transfers of tokens in exchange for the redeemable to prevent friends and family from using the same token to redeem multiple books. However, once you own the book and the token together, it is possible to resell to third parties. Using the two in transfer together ensures original product value integrity and price appreciation of your investment.

Andy warhol’s Orange Marilyn appreciation over time:


Let’s turn this into a masternode PoS wallet backed by the Museums products, hiring dev team for this!