The Tokenly Ecosystem Rolls into Alpha

Swapbot is a very simple Tokens In, Tokens Out vending machine that lives on the internet. Each Swapbot has a ‘native’ token that it sells in exchange for as many different types of tokens as the operator cares to set up. If you’ve got a token you’d like to sell with Swapbot, get started here

Once someone has bought your redeemable token, you need a way for them to easily pay you and indicate where they want to collect their good or service.

Tend (powered by the TokenSlot API) is a simple self-serve redemption system allowing operators to easily customize a redemption form for each good or service offered, collect the proper information and confirm payment then notify the merchant (or do something else in versions to come!) **If you’re selling redeemable tokens, you can get started accepting them with Tend here

and finally, the LTB Companion will soon be forking into a non-branded version called Tokenly Pockets that will (eventually) allow any token to embed its branding into the wallet when a wallet owner is using your token. So when LTBCOIN is the active coin in the wallet the branding would be LTBCOINs, when I’ve got SWARM selected it would have a different look as they define their coin. This will be a premium feature available on a self-serve basis for coin operators through the wallet itself

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Video walkthrough:

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