The first real company issued their stock by using counterpartyd

[font=verdana]They issued 100 MPTSTOCK and sell at 2000 XCP/MPTSTOCK in counterpartyd.[/font]



I found an issue about said they issued [color=#008000]MPTSTOCK[/color] not [color=#008000]MPTSTOCK[/color][color=#ff0000]F[/color], why only MPTSTOCKF display in both counterpartyd and

c:\\counterpartyd_build>counterpartyd <br />asset MPTSTOCKF<br />c:\\counterpartyd_build>echo off<br />Asset Name: MPTSTOCKF<br />Asset ID: 101249773934Total <br />Issued: 100.0<br />Divisible: <br />TrueIssuer: 1FCkCQCnEtHQ3j7NqdkAnkqQUvqfti4XoA<br />Callable: NoneCall <br />Date: NoneCall <br />Price: None<br />Description:[font=verdana]

I have to say be careful before you make your decision to invest it, because we don’t know either one MPTSTOCK or MPTSTOCKF is correct.[/font]

The Asset description should link to the website / the website should have the proper Issuer address listed.

As for the price - I can’t imagine it being reasonable at min. $3 usd per XCP that’s 6000$ per share, at 100 shares that’s 600,000$. I very much doubt anyone is going to get that back even over 5+ years.