I lost (forgot) my Counterwallet pass-phrase, can you help me recover (reset, restore) it?

We are sorry, but unfortunately that is impossible because Counterwallet servers never know your password (even when it’s generated - it is generated client-side, and it is never sent to Counterwallet servers).

For a while now we’ve been warning our users that the pass-phrase cannot be reset or recovered and everyone must indicate (the screenshot) that they made a paper or other secure backup of their pass-phrase and that is most we can do.

As a reminder, here’s a screenshot of the reminder that appears when you create a wallet.

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However, if you happen to have generated the private keys to the associated bitcoin address(es) BEFORE you lose your passphrase, you can either

  1. “sweep” that address from another Counterparty wallet
  2. import that (Counterparty) bitcoin address into another “open” wallet. Most open wallets aren’t Counterparty-aware by default. Some wallets can be made to be. However your assets will be there and not lost - again, if you have the private key. Non-Bitcoin assets will only be accessible - and therefore manageable - from Counterparty-aware wallets.

Between either your 1) wallet passphrase or 2) your Counterparty wallet address(es)’ associated private key(s), you can regain access to your Counterparty wallet assets.

If you are reading this BEFORE you actually lose your passphrase, you may want to consider generating your private key and storing it someplace (offline, probably written or printed, then stored in a “safe” place.)

I neglected to write down the 12 phrase password but I can still open up the wallet through the folding browser, so I just wanted to clarify that the wallet address plus the WIF private key are all I need to access my wallet from a new computer?