Source code for a faucet setup ? bounty 1 XCP for help + 10,000,000 JENGA

I am trying to set up a faucet and i need to know what the source code is i use to make this happen for my coin XCP-JENGA

JFOX wages for creativity

Maybe you can use (people would have to send some (dust?) amount of BTC or XCP to an address, you’d return your asset.

Also maybe you could consider this (i.e. sell certain amount of your asset very cheaply):

I think a complication with running your own faucet is that you’d have people to register, otherwise (if all they need to do is provide a bitcoin address) someone could provide a bunch of addresses. At the same time youd’ have to spend a lot on transaction costs.

You could have a simple form that passes a variable (bitcoin address) to a shell script that runs counterparty-client send command (and sends a certain amount of your coin to that address). Problem is, you’d have to run Counterparty and Bitcoin server for that, which is a fair amount of work. If you’re up for it, check out Vennd, if not, check out MasterXchange.