[ANN] vFaucet.com - Free Bitcoins and Counterparty Assets


  • Browse assets by clicking on the arrows and choose which asset you want to claim.
  • Click on asset logo to get more information of that particular asset.
  • Give your bitcoin address of a COUNTERPARTY-AWARE WALLET, verify reCAPTCHA and click on button to get asset.
  • Because it is impossible to attach several assets to one transaction and because of simplicity, please use a different bitcoin address for each asset.


  • You can claim from every assetbox every 25 minutes.
  • Payments will happen within 10 minutes after auto-payout threshold is reached (5500 satoshis), after which the ownership of those bitcoins and assets are transfered from the faucet to the corresponding address.

Referral program:

You will receive 100 Satoshi (0.00000100 BTC) for every unique (24h) valid user which comes from your referral link. Paid traffic / bots are NOT ALLOWED, only organic referrals are counted. Referral payouts will happen within 10 minutes after the payment threshold is met. (55 referrals). With every referral payment you will also get our VFAUCET tokens.

Referral Link:

Replace “YOUR_BITCOIN_ADDRESS” with your valid Bitcoin address.

VFAUCET tokens:

VFAUCET tokens are a type of coupons you get with every referral pay-out. In the future you will be able to claim more satoshis and assets according to how many tokens your address holds. This feature will be implemented when the faucet has an established user-base (more assets will also be added) and a certain amount of tokens have been distributed to early adopters. The amount of tokens distributed will shrink over time. The best way to get these tokens is through our referral program. You can also send us bug reports and requests with email, if you think you have deserved some VFAUCET tokens for whatever reason.

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recaptcha/audio entry.= Vfaucet.com
A few minutes ago after after so many tries to sjcx recaptcha/audio entry, an automated teller informed that recaptcha/audio challenge will not process the entry.
As such please replace the recaptcha/audio challenge with solve media or other easy challenges. It will be fun to type an answer. Please reply immediately. I really enjoy collecting from vfaucet.com
Thank you

Thanks for your feedback. No one has reported similar issues, so the google recaptcha seems to work fine for other people. You can try out disabling browser add-ons/your VPN or try a different browser and the challenges might become easier. I might consider solvemedia or other challenges at some point, but I’m not convinced they are as secure.


Used another browser after receipt of your mail. Even before I came across your faucet, recaptcha seemed to find error in almost all my entries. Then when there were no solve media available took the audio challenge. After a few positive responses the audio reverted- all entries were rejected outright. So much so it started to generate a long string of numbers! And in whispers too.

And finally the audio used strong words which said that the entries will not be honored anymore. This felt antagonistic and hence my request to you. Do what you feel right. Will honor it. But I am certainly going to miss this faucet if unable to continue.

Very much appreciate your caring response.