SJCX value question

Last week I realized Storj project had a crypto coin that could be purchased. I believe in the Storj project and have a nice idea of how the blockchain people’s cloud technology works and it is about a year I expect a spectacular performance of this network. So when I found out SJCX can be purchased and mainly, that Storj will migrate Ether soon, fueled by the funds from the recent public offer, I decided to buy it. However, I am new to actually buying crypto currencies, and I know it is sometimes not the safest financial environment. So I am stuck reviewing details in the last days and in the meanwhile it appears SJCX had doubled value , based on this URL :

But now another issue arises, the SJCX value increase shown in is not the same shown in , where SJCX/XCP pair is shown and offered.Indeed value increase curve shown is completely different in the two websites… Why that happens ?

I know XCP is internal currency to Counterparty, but I was figuring that was just a matter of processing funds (credit card to XCP to purchase SJCX at Counterparty) and not that, buying SJCX via a different methodology/trader would affect my perceived performance of the SJCX crypto currency in itself, as shown in coinmarketcap where reference pair seems to be BTC. There seems to be a blurred area I cannot understand … Can someone shed me some light ?

Where do I need to buy SJCX to perceive the value increase shown in coinmarketcap website ? Note: for SJCX, there is not the option at to buy SJCX directly through their charts…

Many thanks indeed !

Bittrex and poloniex. when on coin market cap dig deeper into the info they provide on the coin. click on markets and up come all the exchanges you can trade that coin. you can sell your coins for nice profit now there just be careful transfering any coin test it with a small amount first to make sure you have all the right addresses to do transfer right. Good Luck. Ps. I would not sell i sold 500 at 65 cents, but it is your call maybe sell half and hold onto rest, cover your initial investment good luck

Hi Nicholas

Thanks much, Will try your suggestion ( Bitrex). I was trying the exchanges suggested at Storj FAQs ( below), indeed Bitrex was my last option since I read bad comments on the first two listed and decided ot move to the third exchange directlly ( counterparty) Now based on your suggestion, will look into the the fourth ( Bitrex). Still, I don’t uderstand why the curve for SJCX in Counterparty is completely different from the (positive) curve shown in Coinmarketcap …

Where can I buy SJCX?
There are currently 4 different exchanges where you can buy SJCX: